Learn how to transfer Video to BlackBerry Torch 9800?

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Learn how to transfer Video to BlackBerry Torch 9800?

Post by stephenz » Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:47 am

After the debut of BlackBerry Torch 9800, it immediately swept the whole world with the wonderful features. And also particularly due to its potent storage capable and strong electric battery, it has come to be on the list of wonderful convenient video players through digital device world. Lots of BlackBerry lovers have fun with video on BlackBerry Torch however some of them will find a challenge which in some cases they can not enjoy video on BlackBerry Torch. As is recognized to all that simply a certain kind of video formats can be enjoyed on BlackBerry cellular phones just like AVI, MP4, WMV…Therefore the BlackBerry video converter that can help you to transfer video to BlackBerry Torch is essential. Leawo Video Converter that is a good BerryBerry Torch 9800 video converter is passionately highly recommended right here.

How can you realize to have fun with video on BlackBerry Torch 9800? The next step-by-step guide will help you to transfer video to BlackBerry Torch.

Step one: Add video data. Click on " File" on the user interface.
There are 4 methods to add video data so that you can select: Add Files/ Add Windows Video Files/ Add Quicktime Video File/ Add Video Folder. Or you can click on the " Add Video" icon underneath " File" straight.

2: Complete necessary settings. Twice click on the video data to make a preview. a. In " Profile", select the specific format you are going to transfer or you can also make fine usage of the user profile seek function which aids you to look for and position the target outcome format specifically.

Imageb. In " Video Quality & Audio Quality" , adjust the video or audio quality consistent with your demand: Custom, Low, Medium, and High.
[*]c. In " Settings" , regulate video and audio parameters, such as video and audio codec, quality, bit rate, and so on.

Imaged. In " Output", opt for the destination for you to save your data.

Step three: Adjust video effects. Click the " Edit" icon on the interface. a. Under " Trim" tab, change values in the " Start Time" and " End Time" directly or move the slider on the player bar.

Image b. Under " Crop" tab, move the limiter of the dashed frame to remove black margins.

Imagec. Under " Effect" tab, adjust the video effect by changing " Brightness" , " Contrast" , " Saturation" and " Volume" .

d. Below " Watermark" tab, add text or image watermark over the video.


Step four: Begin transformation. Click " Convert" to begin the final process.


During the shortest time, you can transfer video to BlackBerry Torch. You don't have to bother with the conversion process for no technical skills is required here. Hence rush to take this particular BlackBerry video converter and you can enjoy video on BlackBerry Torch very quickly. .
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