HTC Droid Incredible2 hits market on Apr 28 at just 200 doll

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HTC Droid Incredible2 hits market on Apr 28 at just 200 doll

Post by stephenz » Thu Apr 28, 2011 5:55 am

Because of the great popularity and performance of HTC Droid Incredible in U.S. mobile market, the subsequent generation of HTC Droid Incredible has been widely viewed. Verizon has now lastly officially proclaimed that the HTC Droid Incredible 2 will be available on Thurs ., Apr 28th, at only 200 dollars.


Regarding this new HTC Droid Incredible2, people care principally about the improvement upon the HTC Droid Incredible. In principle, the HTC Droid Incredible2 persists the slender style and design of HTC Droid Incredible and adds several popular elements, such as more mellowness and fluency in phone curve. To strengthen the improvement and change of HTC Droid Incredible2, HTC update hardware, including the 4. 0 inch S-LCD touchscreen, improved RAM and processor, and many others.

And other specifications of HTC Droid Incredible2:

HTC Droid Incredible2 supports voice call and wifi internet connection for both CDMA and GSM network, that make it an authentic world-wide smartphone. The dual camera design also adds weight to this HTC Droid Incredible2 combined set. It incorporates a 1. 3MP front camera for convenient video chatting and the back 8MP camera with double LED flash lights and support for high definition video recording have promoted picture quality. additionally, HTC Droid Incredible2 adopts 768MB RAM and 2GB ROM with the new Snapdragon MSM8655 chip processor and Adreno205 graphic processor, which produces better performance in game and multimedia.

Also, many other features comprise: WiFi connection, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, FM radio, memory card expansion slots, SRS WOWHD audio effects, etcetera.


This HTC Droid Incredible2 will be available in market on April 28. It'll go you the usual 200 dollars on a two-year contract with Verizon.

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