Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials-How to deal with Flash?

How to use components in Flash 8. Note: Forum includes legacy posts about Flash MX 2004.
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Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials-How to deal with Flash?

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This tutorial is going to be the first entry of "Flash Schools and Flash Tutorials" series, which is aiming to systematically introduce and analyze flash in an unique way, focusing on the common issues that everybody should know, no natter you are a flash master or a beginner, and using very simple and easy-to-understand words. now we come to the first chapter – how to deal with Flash? This part includes the following contents:
ImageWho can View and How to View Flash?

According to a survey conducted in 2000, 96.4% web users have Shockwave Player(Flash Player) preinstalled in their computers. There it goes, exactly those people can experience Flash content via the Flash Player.

How to Create Flash Movie?

To create your own Flash movies, Flash games, Flash banners, Flash slideshows, Flash animations, etc. you have to have some Flash programs. For example, Adobe Flash Lite, Flash SWF Editor, Flash SWF Banner Maker and so on.


How to Download & Convert Flash SWF Files?

Have no idea and prefer not bother to make Flash by yourself? Try to download it directly from Internet with a handy online Flash downloader and then proceed to convert the downloaded Flash SWF to video in popular formats for playback on various portable devices.


How to Ask for Help about Flash?

After you have installed Flash, you should go through the lessons that are included in the program. Start Adobe Flash, click Help in the menu and choose Lessons. These lessons will teach you the basics of Flash.
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