iPad 3 out: October 4th event marks death knell for 2011 rel

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iPad 3 out: October 4th event marks death knell for 2011 rel

Post by stephenz » Wed Sep 28, 2011 8:01 am

So much knowledge for the iPad 3 seeing generate time in 2011. Apple is holding a mass media event on October fourth, which will it’s emphasizing as clearly as possible is about the iPhone as well as not an iPad-iPhone double bill. Typically the timing also points to it becoming the final Apple event of the calendar year. Put those alongside one another and it will get very clear that the iphone 3 won’t surface until 2012, falling in line with Apple’s typical yearly upgrade period. It’s not right out of the issue, however, that Apple could quietly rev the iPad 2 accompanied by a spec increase or event a minor “iPad 2S” revamp. It just won’t be a main affair. For the over a few years, Apple has kept its fall products launch events in fast September and contributed those goods to market by the begin of October. Next week’s event is already late in the schedule by Apple’s conditions, and it’s clear there won’t therefore be a following iPad 3 event in, assert, November. Why? That’s the start of the holiday shopping season, and by then it’s too late – and too chaotic – for a new purchaser oriented hardware product to be launched effectively. Now arrives the question of whether or not Apple tacitly forces an iPad step 2 rev out the door in the wake of its massive event. If you're, the software programmers will delay to design the new version of mac ipad converter and mac dvd to ipad Converter? It appears that iPad had impact on other fields of market too much.
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